Smart Brabus 2015: first images

We look forward to see what he has done with the new Smart Brabus. We want to know if they have passed with salt and pepper to the time of making the sportiest version of the signature belongs to the Daimler group.

To find out for sure have to wait until the conclusion of the Geneva Motor Show, but to whet your appetite we have a few official images that allow us to see their appearance and some of the interior.
new Smart Brabus 2015

Changes at all levels

We see the front, but if the side and rear. Of the latter we highlight the inclusion of a diffuser that suits him really well, especially because this is where hosts a pair of tailpipes that are separated by a few millimeters.

Low, if I may redundancy, come down if possible. The alloy wheels are specific to the Brabus range and there are a myriad of small details that will make easily recognizable when mixed with his brothers. In fact, Smart available to its customers the entire arsenal of options section tailor made ​​, that would be like the Porsche Exclusive or as your MINI Yours so we understand.

What is a real mystery, which makes more of a fan of Smart has been declawed, is how much or little to improve its engine, the 0.9 liters turbo has released the new generation and should deliver at least 100 CV to convince the most demanding place. As I say, we will have more information next week.


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