Sovereign: luxury yachts by Gray Design

Sovereign is a new project for a yacht designed by Gray Design, its grandeur and its lines were inspired by a luxury limousine. Gray is a design studio known for its interesting creations, from the earliest days of its existence have satisfied the most demanding audiences.

Sovereign luxury yachts by Gray Design

Sovereign has a length of 100 meters and a style inspired by the highest aristocracy, so as to satisfy all types of needs, inside you have the best of luxury, combined with the most advanced technological systems, to ensure comfort at the highest levels.

Sovereign luxury yachts by Gray Design

The yacht in question, also with regard to its propulsion, is developed with the use of sophisticated eco-sustainable solutions, designed to produce a low environmental impact through the use of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

Sovereign luxury yachts by Gray Design

Among the amenities of the most prestigious Sovereign luxury yacht, you can see the pool, the sports car also suitable board and the heliport landing of large aircraft.


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