All the elements that make up a vehicle have a determined half-life, many of them (those of a more technological nature) even have a programmed half-life, what is known as programmed obsolescence. Well , all these elements from time to time must be replaced to extend the life of the car and that it continues to function properly.

The question we ask is, are original spare parts or generic spare parts? Here are some tips to help you make the decision.

The original spare is always more expensive than a generic spare parts and as a rule

The original spare parts are always more expensive than a generic spare parts and as a rule, the vast majority of generic spare parts can not match the performance of an original ones.

The original spare parts also have the advantage that they are specific spare parts for the car models and that the evolution, the design and the technology of the same goes hand in hand with the one of the vehicle. This does not mean that there are no generic spare parts that are effective, but purchasing an original spare part is an absolute guarantee, in the majority of cases, of total safety.

A practice extended by a good part of the drivers is to acquire original spare parts the first times that they have to face a situation of this type, later, after a few years have passed since they acquired the vehicle, opt for generic spare parts.

On the other hand , the automobile companies are nourished of other auxiliary companies that supply them of elements necessary for the manufacture of vehicles. These companies are the ones who in turn manufacture specific spare parts for companies or generics for any model of vehicle , but they do it always respecting some minimum standards of quality that the market demands them and putting all its technology to the service to generate sufficient income.

As important detail, the American, European, Japanese and Koreans cars have all elements of complete safety. It is true that there will be some isolated cases that do not respond with a guarantee, but as a rule there are vehicles with reliable parts. This is not the case with Chinese originals, the Chinese copy and copy everything they see in the market but with very economic forms that can sometimes pose a risk to driving.