Spectacular Lancia Delta Integrale for sale on eBay

The Lancia Delta Integrale is today a cult car . It is one of those cars that raise passions above any other, regardless of their origin or brand. In addition, it is one of those hard to find cars strict series because their owners are fans rallying ending modifying and enhancing their units to wild limits.

A clear example is the unit that is for sale on eBay , which has a brutal training that leads him to look like a rally car 100% , although the owner makes it clear in the ad that this is a street car ready for runs in rallies, but has never come to compete.

In 1989 came the Delta Integrale with 200 hp thanks to Multi-valve cylinder head

The Lancia Delta was born in 1979 out of the pen Giugiaro, hiding her body under the chassis of the Fiat Ritmo . It was not a sports car, but on the contrary, an elegant compact, for parents who want some distinction with luxury finishes. But it was in 1986 when it appeared the first sports version, the Delta HF Turbo , with the 2.0 eight-valve turbo and 165 hp, the prelude to what was to come.

As usual in this type of car, the Spectacular Lancia Delta Integrale came to homologate the rally version . 1987 was the date of appearance of the first “Integrale” with 2.0 turbo engine, all-wheel drive and 185 hp. This version did not have the bulging hood, but if wheelarch very marked.

Lancia Delta Integrale came to homologate the rally version

In 1989 came the Delta Integrale with 200 hp thanks to Multi-valve cylinder head , from 210 in 1991 and 215 Integrale Evolution in 1992 with the Integrale Evolution 2 From the 200 hp version, the hood is bulging and all the always imagine that we talk about a Integrale.

Regarding the unit for sale on eBay, is a Lancia Delta Integrale 1990, ie, version 200 hp of origin but according to the announcement preparation is huge, but only mention that the engine has been rebuilt and now mounted forged pistons and new cam.

They have completely emptied inside , installing roll cage and racing seats with six-point harnesses, fire extinguishers and a multitude of switches to control everything. As a race car, come on. The tires are now a Compomotive TH2, the brakes are Wilwwod with four-piston caliper front and also has a short group. But that if it is approved for circulation on public roads .

If you like the car is in Ringwood, Hampshire, UK and asking for 12,000 pounds, about 15,150 euros , a price at all unreasonable for what is customary in these cars. Also, since you buy it primed and ready for rallies or uploaded . No you would have to give anything. Pouring gasoline if obviously.

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