Spied pictures of next generation Range Rover

You had already used to see many models being tested touring “unveiled face” in Europe’s roads this winter, but the photographers of  the British publication AutoExpress could capture some snapshots that only a considerable experience in the motor could determine that this is the next generation Range Rover. Of course, once we say that we are in presence of the future Range, everything looks clear and begin to find some similarity to the present generation.

Spied pictures of next generation Range Rover

Among the obvious changes you can see a longer wheelbase, which greatly improves legroom in the rear seats while adding stability in the most difficult paths. According to sources, Land Rover, the improvement in the space of the rear seats is due to a demand for convenience by the Middle Eastern markets and China (the main buyers of the brand), where such cars are popular as vehicles carried by drivers and, therefore, where the owner is laid back.

Spied pictures of next generation Range Rover

The new Range Rover will have a dramatic decrease in mass (about 500 kg less than the previous model) thanks largely to the installation of a new aluminum chassis. The 4.4-liter diesel engine and 320 horses with stop-start system will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, so we can expect also that the fuel consumption and emissions are reduced substantially to about 6.7 liters of diesel 100 km and 180g of CO2/km respectively.

The new Range Rover will be released later this year, although we hope to see some spy pictures (with less camouflage) before.


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