The Bentley Continental GT Speed will be delivered in October

Renovation of Bentley Continental GT Speed is just around the corner and that the current model data only from 2011. Since its launch in 2003 there are 22,000 units circulating in the world, which gives us an idea of the economic crisis affecting.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed will be delivered in October

During the month of October the first units of this stunning car will be delivered with 8 and 12 cylinder V engines. The most powerful version has 625 hp and reaches 330 km / h, all at a reasonable price of 250,000 euros approximately (unofficial data).

This new model of Bentley Continental GT Speed is the fastest in its history with a top speed of 330 km / h and acceleration to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds. Clearly under that stately coupe body conceals a brutal mechanical, with over 800 Nm that are transmitted through your drive 4 × 4 with 8 speed automatic transmission and double clutch. The technological burden is brutal: carbon brakes (optional), 21-inch wheels (optional), electronic stability control capable of 180 trillion calculations per second, gearbox able to change 4 gears of a jump (for example 8 to 4), etc.

Despite being directly derived from the previous model, the new GT Speed moves its greater weight (2,300 kg) with a consumption or less: “only” 14.5 liters per 100 km in real life that easily go up to 25 liters.

The range of equipment is not clearly defined but you can imagine it will be…. everything imaginable. Browser with 30-gigabyte hard drive, 18 types of leather upholstery seats with massage and ventilation, climate control, navigation, aluminum and carbon interior, etc..

Are you a little room to spare million? Then make your reservation.


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