The electric vehicle Infiniti LE in the Hall of New York

The Hall of New York is more electrifying than ever. The Infiniti LE is another betting lithium ion present in the city that never sleeps. Still in prototype stage, but the idea is to produce in 2014, which is called to expanded version of Nissan Leaf shows full of doubts that the manufacturer has not yet disclosed.

The electric vehicle Infiniti LE in the Hall of New York

No data on autonomy and how to solve the electric propulsion. You know, though, that driver comfort is given time to recharge the batteries at home, by eliminating cables and opts for wireless recharging, a convenience that will have to fight with the classic problems of lack of infrastructure associated with these systems.

However, even without knowing the price of the car (obviously), and you sense that you are buying an Infiniti LE budget is likely to have mounted an induction cooktop at home. This is the path followed by many manufacturers in the future, and Infiniti makers have opted for it openly.

The electric vehicle Infiniti LE in the Hall of New York

With so few data, all you can do for now is to comment on the appearance of the Infiniti LE and the truth is that the model of the company Nippon faced arouses passions. The same can praise its futuristic to do it sober to compare with the Hyundai Elantra to consider a complex exercise in style of course uncertain. Nothing to do with its brother Emerg-E.

Perhaps all that dust that leads up, not surprisingly photos have leaked prior to the opening of the Hall of New York taken by the guys from EGM Car Tech at a time that those responsible for the brand decided to “cu- boo“ with its revelation of the year.

The electric vehicle Infiniti LE in the Hall of New York

What can be said of the LE? That looks like what it is: a saloon i.e., adds to the already large range of electric power does not appear. Their presence is usually car for use in day to day, despite these geniuses waveform that stand too much on the sides, and wheels are aggressively spectacular car that maybe not accurate.

The interior exudes radiance and balance between luxury and simplicity. The appearance of the trim and in general, its near-perfect finish, highlighting seats whose comfort and ergonomic feel in the body so nice to just see them on screen.

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For now, this is what we have. As there is more to tell, will continue to consider the possibilities of Infiniti LE, the new electric Nissan chic relatives.

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