Tips and advice to buy a used car

If you have decided to buy a used car, it is important to check certain things that may lead you to make the right decision and to choose the best car for you and meets your expectations. Before we begin, we would like to let you know that buying a used car has its risks, as most cases do not know what kind of life was given to the vehicle and not know how to handle the driver, although in other cases buy him the car to known, or neighbor, a relative, but still, no one knows exactly the treatment that has been given, so do not trust.

First of all, you should go with the mindset that, although outside the vehicle pleases you so much, you have to settle down and think that you can get important details that will make you reach a decision.

you should take him to review the status of the engine life and major mechanical issues

Check that you have not had a strong impact

Whether section semi-new one or car dealership with a particular, it never hurts to ask vehicle history, if it was the sole owner and, if not, ask the number of previous owners, has traveled to the auto parts, it is also important to ask if the car has received heavy blows that have damaged the vehicle chassis. There are bumps that can be identified by opening the hood of the car and checking the chassis, you can see outside in excellent condition but inside you can tell from damage. It is also important to check that the carriage is not “out of square“, i.e., to walk straight, not forward “sideways” and check that the tires are not more output than the other. If you feel it that way, has received strong impact at the same time if there may be a repair to the chassis to the vehicles but usually are not quite right.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to ask the person who is offering you the vehicle, the number of miles you with it, but as always, it is possible that those miles are altered and be deceived. In some vehicles it is difficult to know if you did or not such alteration, but we can let you know that in others, you will notice that if the waters of the indicators of the speedometer and tachometer are not properly in the beginning when the car is off, you can be a sign that has been altered mileage, i.e., if the speedometer needle is enceinte scoring 5 km / h or 10 km / h is a way of knowing that was altered, as when changing mileage, is very common that the needles do not stay in place at the factory. The fixed well in the interior is also a signal to realize if the car is fine “scampered” or not, especially in the steering wheel if you already have details of wear as well as the buttons on the center stack and wear on the seats. If you have a trusted mechanic, you should take him to review the status of the engine life and major mechanical issues.

Another fact not less important point is to review the documents evidencing title and possession of the car with the owner, that the papers are in order, review the invoice matches the number of reported number (the number of number can be checked in the chassis, engine area, or on the plate is seen through the windshield on the driver’s side), it done right the endorsement and payment of holdings are current.

It is also important to check if the vehicle has not been reported as stolen, both the state (going to the competent authority), as Federal way.


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