Tips to buy a car

How many people have bought a second hand car to an individual or an official network and given for a ride? The car runs perfectly the first 2,000 miles and after faults on all sides . With this series we bring you tricks that can make your search quietly and to choose the best option.

First of all, you have to learn the mileage of the vehicle, but beware, this can not be real . Owners who have had and the date of enrollment. This is essential to begin to be interested in a car.


On the outside of the vehicle have to look at the scratches that have both superficial and deep, like dents and rotten. If these are more than 6 cm is that you have a considerable blow. Pay attention to the front and rear bumpers, scratches that are, that are not taken down and will not miss any part . The headlights must be in good condition, ie, that are not chipped or chipped and of course they are the same , other than one good and the other pirate.

It is also advisable to review the leading car

The mirrors should be equal and have the same characteristics. If they say they are mechanical and only moves one, that means that the motor has burned out or that does not move is not the original one. The moons are also very important, as are the headlights, which are not cracked and that the tires are good .

The painting, which is all the same color, although the wear of time shows in the entire car, not just in parts. If the nose of the vehicle is the original color and the rest of the car is worn, it means that there was an impact .


We must ensure that the seat belts are in perfect condition, with no cuts or ripped. The belt anchorages must also attach well and of course they are tense in a strong pull. The upholstery is more subjective, if the materials are not good will appear to wear more . Touch the seats below, if you get the hand with meringues, means they are very worn and even bottomless.

The wear on the pedals, steering wheel and gear knob changes. If the car has 140,000 km puts it and the clutch pedal is very worn as steering wheel and knob, it is possible that mileage is not real . If everything is under the steering wheel, it is likely that the use and quality of the materials, or wear before or even if you’ve spent much time in the sun. ‘ll try locking the burglar too.

Note that all the equipment of interior, power windows, air conditioning, lights, mirrors, radio (although this is less important), headlight regulator, regulators seats, etc. They all work properly .


First, although it could also be included in exterior, should you check tires , which are not damaged or cracked . Also, do you wear that has regular, otherwise it could be a very costly failure as it can be bent rear axle or engine cradle displaced.

Exhaust, the noise is not excessive and do you have a good look around the set. Check that no cracks, holes or leaks. Check the color of the smoke and the amount ejected . Looking at the engine , do not sweat too much and it leaks oil, brake fluid, etc. . Levels of these incorrect. That does not sound the timing belt and the sound is regular .

The management has to go normal, neither too loose nor too hard and does not have to do any weird noise . Also look that matches the position of the steering wheel with the steering. In the test, you have to test the suspension and do not barqueo braking is not too lean. Check the boat makes in speed bumps, when mounted or pushing the front of the car down .

It’s okay to remove the oil filler cap when the engine is idling. Carefully observe a safe distance and if seen much oil vapor. If this happens, it is best to look at another car. This is a sign that the segments are wrong.

Additional info

While you’re open look at the bolts holding bumper headlights and hood. Usually they be painted the same color as the car and wear in the paint or the screw head may mean that has been manipulated by some stroke . This also applies to the rear of the vehicle.

It is also advisable to review the leading car, which has no strange fold which has been repaired. That seals on the doors and hood match and are regular. Furthermore, in the hollow of the spare wheel is usually a plate or a sticker with vehicle data. If it is not or is painted above, it is likely that this area has been retouched by some stroke.

That in the dashboard is not any warning light comes on for potential problems , whether motor and airbag and others.

Check the vehicle papers. To see when it was manufactured, enrolled, the power you have and when and how often you have passed the reviews . A modern tuition by more or less antique car shows re-registration either by choice or by the previous owner an import.

Every car is different and it is impossible to find a used to be perfect and immaculate . Is as important as external integrity of the motor vehicle. With these tricks are still many things you can escape that with continued use of the vehicle and inevitably they can get . We advise you to take it to a mechanic or an expert in the field to make a good choice. We hope these tips will be very useful!


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