Tips for fuel price saving

why not search for the cheapest gas station to refuel

Have you ever wondered if you can really save on the consumption of your car? The answer is yes, just follow some simple practices in driving and vehicle maintenance. And with the average price of gasoline hovering around 1.5 euros, I give a good trick to finding the cheapest service station, with which you can save a few euros on each refueling.

At the wheel

The driving style is crucial to control consumption plus for safety. Try to maintain a constant speed, to avoid accelerating, braking, abrupt gear changes, excessive revolutionize the car.

The luggage, packages and everything that goes adding weight in the car will also affect fuel consumption as it affects the aerodynamics of the car.

why not search for the cheapest gas station to refuel

In maintaining

In general, keep your car in good condition not only helps save but also avoid shocks in your pocket for unexpected breakdowns. For example, clogged filters and fluids as dirty oil that makes the engine run worse causing more consumption.

A key part of the vehicle is the tires, since a too low pressure will increase fuel consumption and if excessive can unbalance the stability of the car when driving. With a single revision in the workshop make sure they are in the correct pressure.

Trick for fuel savings

And with fuel prices, why not search for the cheapest gas station to refuel? To do this you need smartphones or pay for an application, you can do it directly and for free in their own search of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, as all outlets to supply fuel vehicles are required to send prices charged every week and whenever these prices change.

From the search engine you are able to filter the results by the cheapest gas stations by province and locality. For example, in the next picture you can see the price differences that exist in the service stations of Madrid. Among the cheapest (€ 1.359) and the most expensive (€ 1.521) there is an obvious difference, in this case to fill a 55 liter tank with petrol 95, would almost 9 euros of savings.