Tips and guide for children to travel safely in the car

Tips for children to travel safely in the car

Many times because of the rush, some details of security in the vehicle can obviate or lose sight. It is always important to remember these measures and analyze whether you are performing properly. They are tips for small travel insurance in your car.

To install a car seat is not enough, you will need to regularly settings tethers to the car seat to reduce movements that regulates the child’s position on the seat (more lying or more sitting) and orientation (forward or backward, depending on age and weight of the baby).

Tips for children to travel safely in the car

Also, check the adjustment of belt straps five points, so you are snug to the child (but not smothering). The setting varies not only with the child’s growth but also with the season (when wearing fewer clothes, must be adjusted more straps).

Remember to travel safely that children should not ride in the passenger seat until they reach the age indicated by the traffic regulations in force in each country (are generally age 12). Although they have the legal age, take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents: delays the seat as possible and tighten the belt correctly for the child’s size, especially in height.

Remove from inside the vehicle all loose objects . In braking, a sudden movement or shock, they can jump into the cockpit and hit on the heads of children and adults. If you bring toys into the car, choose only those that are soft. The rest of the toys, food and other items, should remain in the trunk.

Although it seems obvious, never leave your child alone in the car . Your safety is paramount.