What should I do if I want to sell my car

Selling a car is something that many of us have faced. When the time comes, the most comfortable is usually the dealer where we are going to buy a new model and thus benefit from the possible discounts on the acquisition of a new car.

Usually, in the case of selling the car to a private individual, the money we are going to receive for the vehicle will be higher. We offer below some tips to sell the car for a good price.

To sell the car, it is helpful to advertise it in some media that allows more buyers to see it

Fair selling price

Of course, you want to get more money from your car sale, but the first tip is to investigate the market prices of vehicles similar to yours , to give you an idea of the valuation that can reach the vehicle.

On the Internet there are many websites that provide comparators of vehicles where there are dozens of used cars for sale with features very similar to your vehicle. In case you are not convinced this option, another alternative is to go to a specialist to rate your car online.

When the price is already well defined and will proceed to the sale, special attention must be paid to the contract of sale of vehicles , to ensure that there is no loose end and that all conditions are clear.

Advertise the car and make it attractive

To sell the car, it is helpful to advertise it in some media that allows more buyers to see it. Web browsers are a great choice, as well as classified ad portals or platforms for selling second-hand products, but there are also interesting magazines and motor newspapers . Ads can be both free and paid, usually on classified ads portals, ads that are paid are more visible and better positioned.

In the case of announcing the car, it is imperative an advertisement with several photos from different angles and that collects all the parts of the car as well as its possible damages . The photos that most embellish the car are always more appropriate, but without hiding information, such as damages.

If the buyer is interested in the car and wants to try it or see it in person, you have to have it clean, both the interior and the trunk and all mechanical part of the vehicle in good condition, to make a good impression.


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