Tips to avoid dizziness drive

Search Results What You Can Do For Dizziness & Motion Sickness: Dizziness and Motion Sickness

It’s time for long journeys begin or end the holidays and at least one wants is suffering a dizzy spell in car. Some people especially likely to suffer them, especially children. In medicine it is called motion sickness and is related to the movement and loss of balance.

Search Results What You Can Do For Dizziness & Motion Sickness: Dizziness and Motion Sickness

To avoid dizziness in the car drive in people who suffer follow certain precautions:

Leads you if you can

The experience is clear in this regard, it is difficult for the driver to stay focused on the road dizzy. If this is not possible it is preferable to sit in the passenger seat in the rear, although bear in mind that with children is not always possible. If you take a person who tends to get dizzy passenger tries to drive more smoothly in every way, acceleration, braking, turns …

Correct seating position in : In the case of a child is the best position the seat attachment in the direction of travel, looking forward and slightly leaning. Avoid looking sideways or stare at a fixed point of the car if it is not on the horizon.

Eat and Hydrate : It is suitable eating a light snack before you leave home and drink small sips of water often. Or go empty stomach or a full stomach and of course avoid alcohol or other substances.

Ventilated compartment

If the car has been closed for many days ballots dizzy increase by strong odors that are created. Use the air conditioner sparingly and if necessary open the windows for a little relief. In this sense it is also suitable dress in light clothes that do not increase the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Stay entertained … but not with anything : Something ideal is not to get dizzy thinking about it, so it is suitable to have a conversation with other passengers or listening to music. But avoid reading or movies, requiring stare at a specific point, just not what we want. The remaining passengers should be avoided whenever possible to remind the concerned about the possibility of seasickness. It is quite psychological.

If dizziness increases it is best to stop

Do not force the situation and in case of sickness it is appropriate to refer not stop on the hard shoulder or the nearest service station. Symptoms usually pass within 15 minutes of standing and it’s better than an interior with smells of vomiting that can make other passengers were also dizzy.

Chewing gum for seasickness

Have a placebo effect or actually take effect, the fact is that the gum against nausea are usually effective when avoiding them. There is so tried other things like homeopathy or anti-dizziness bracelets.

We hope that with these precautions your family car trips are like a millpond.