Toyota and Lexus will launch four hybrid cars in 2012


Toyota and its premium line, Lexus will launch four new cars hybrid to the market in 2012. The new releases have been announced by Jacques Pieraerts, Toyota executive vice president of Spain, at the annual meeting with the media. The first launch is the new Lexus GS 450h sedan, equipped with a drive system that delivers 343 horsepower and yields a consumption of 5.9 liters on average, with emissions of 137 grams of CO2 per kilometer.


Toyota and Lexus will launch four hybrid cars in 2012


This new compact model and especially the CT 200h, launched in March this year, it will include the Lexus hybrid share 90% of its sales. Precisely the compact has led to the Lexus brand a growth of 90% of sales compared to fiscal 2010, rising from 1,600 to 3,000 units, so the target for 2012 is to reach 3,500 units, up 16% over this exercise.

With respect to Toyota, the new car hybrid planned for next year are the Yaris HSD, a model that has been renovated since this past October and second hybrid, with the Auris, which is manufactured in Europe and come with design something different from the standard Yaris.

Another new hybrid is the Prius +, a new interpretation of the successful model because it offers the interior room for seven passengers. This is the first Toyota hybrids that incorporate lithium-ion batteries. These new batteries are also mounted on the Prius PHEV, plug-in version, which has been endowed with the capacity to operate in one hundred percent power for 23 miles.

These will be five hybrids sold by Toyota, which will bring the brand to grow the share of these propulsion systems from the current 18% this year equivalent enrollment of over 7,300 units of Prius and Auris HSD.

Toyota based its strategy of basically new releases for 2012 in hybrid technology, but also incorporate new features of conventional engine, such as major refurbishment of the Avensis sedan that hit the market earlier this year and the FT 86 II sports.


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