Toyota Etios 2018 – Premieres new visual and more standard equipment

Toyota Etios is one of the cars that has had most changes since its debut in the market in recent years. In just over four years, the car has changed the wheels, the tone of the panel, the steering wheel, details of completion, engines, transmission, banks. And this time, the compact model brings a new front, which until now only It was available in the Ready and Platinum versions and is now available on all models.

Toyota Etios Ready model is based on the XS version with automatic transmission and adds organizer bag

The front of the Toyota Etios 2018 highlighted a new grille with more conical shape and the Toyota logo in the center, in addition to the bumper with the most pronounced shape and central details in black plastic as a highlight. The rear bumper is also new. On the other hand, the XLS version must provide side skirts (previously only available in the Platinum version), while the Platinum gained detail on the grid and the front carpets.

Inside, there is no change. The Toyota Etios 2018 brings predominant finish in dark tones and the panel with full Black finish. There is the instrument panel with a 4.2 inch TFT screen. The engines are the same. There are 1.3 Dual VVT-i that develops 88 hp and a torque of 12.3 Nm at 4000 rpm, and the 1.5 VVT-i, which produces up to 102 horsepower and 14 to 4,000 rpm.

The Etios line offers six-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic. But the new line, only the X and XS versions have both options, while Ready, XLS, Cross and Platinum are offered only with automatic transmission.

Among the equipment, the Toyota Etios X offers digital instrument panel; on-board computer; rear seat with folding backrest; progressive direction electric-assisted (EPS); air conditioner; internal opening of the fuel tank; center console with two front cup holders and a rear part; parasol with courtesy mirror for driver and passenger; alarm warning to open doors, belt alarm and security; rear windows with electric drive; double front airbag and brakes with ABS.

Toyota Etios XS variant adds sound system with Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs and USB

The XS variant adds sound system with Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs and USB; cruise control (automatic version); audio control and onboard computer on the steering wheel; air conditioning diffusers and the base of the chrome transmission lever; benches with the fabric in two colors; armrest in the driver’s seat (only in the automatic version); speakers and tweeters; In addition to the EcoWallet on-board computer function, which allows the driver to put the amount paid for a liter of fuel, which allows the calculation and tracking of the amount spent during a trip.

The Ready model is based on the XS version with automatic transmission and adds organizer bag; support for bags / backpacks; Rear parking sensor in vehicle color and Toyota Play multimedia system with audio, Bluetooth, digital TV, DVD and integrated GPS.

The Etios XLS includes 15-inch alloy wheels (on wheels, X and X versions are 14 inches); audio system with touch screen, which allows mirroring smartphones; fog lights; chrome moldings on trunk lid; Leather steering wheel; exterior mirrors with integrated direction indicators and finish of Comfort Drive benches (leather standard).

The Cross model does not bring changes to the visual. As a differential, there is the design of alloy wheels, exclusive benches, leather upholstery and special rugs. Finally, the Etios Platinum has 15-inch alloy wheels with sporty design; leather knob; black mask in the back light; chrome detail on the grill; Toyota Play multimedia system, audio, Bluetooth, digital TV, DVD and integrated GPS.

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