These vacuum pumps are also used in electric cars.The main function of the vacuum pump of a diesel engine is to provide sufficient suction in order to provide power to the vehicle power brakes.

In order to learn more about the operation of this element of the car, Loctite published an article on his blog in which notes that the vacuum pump also provides energy for air conditioning, ventilation systems, opening and closing Solenoid valves and central locking.

Harder brakes or lack of suction are symptoms of failure
This mechanism is similar to an air compressor p ero with the valves changed to absorb rather than to expel air. Thus, in a normal car the vacuum pressure level is 16 “to 18” Hg (inches of mercury), that is, about 54,000 Pa or N / m2.

Furthermore, it is common these pumps are also used in electric cars, as indicated by the post, and using servo. The difference of the brake system in an electric car lies in the mechanism with which the vacuum is made to the brake booster, since in the electric vehicles is carried out with a vacuum pump.

In the case of long braking the post states that you can spend the pressure induced in the circuit until the pump pressure again have spend a few seconds.

To avoid this , experts point out that Loctite can install a vacuum tank between the brake booster and an extra pump to maintain pressure. The larger the reservoir, the greater the braking capacity. Since this pump operates when the engine is turned on , it is possible, as measured by technicians Loctite, which at some point may fail.

For this reason, the article notes that one of the symptoms indicating that a vacuum pump is failing to note is the toughest brakes than usual, which may mean that the pump fails, the brake booster power will stop working well and The braking impulse will be lost. However the brakes will continue to work, although they will feel hard.

Faults can also be detected in the vacuum pump by removing the hose from the pump while the engine is running. By putting a finger over the hole, you should feel a strong suction . If you notice little or nothing will be a clear signal that the pump needs to be replaced.

In case you notice a strong suction, but not yet braking power you have, you must check the rest of the system that it does not have leaks.