Valeo has found the solution for poor visibility of trailers and caravans: make them ‘invisible’

Valeo has found the solution for poor visibility of trailers and caravans: make them 'invisible'

Valeo has presented the ‘XtraVue Trailer‘ system at CES of Las Vegas, its solution to the poor visibility of trailers and caravans. The French supplier has developed a system that uses several cameras that, combined, show what happens after the trailer on a screen located inside the vehicle.

Something similar to the transparent trailer presented by Samsung in 2016 or the ‘transparent’ hood that now comes as optional equipment in the new Range Rover Evoque .

Valeo says that thanks to its technology, it makes maneuvers easier and safer, since the driver can see what is happening behind his caravan or trailer.

The so-called ‘XtraVue‘ system uses several cameras mounted on the rear of the vehicle and on the back of the trailer or caravan. The image of all the receiving sources are combined in a single digital image that shows what happens in the back.

This image is projected through a screen integrated into the dashboard, although ideally the technology would work through the car’s infotainment system to save the installation.

The truth is that Land Rover presented in 2015 a system called ‘ Transparent Trailer ‘, which is the same as we saw with the transparent trucks of Samsung, but back. In a similar way to the Valeo system, ‘Transparent Trailer’ cut, pasted and superimposed the images taken by the different cameras to compose a single image that is broadcast live in the interior mirror.

Samsung also experimented with these driving aids four years ago with a truck equipped with a video camera on the front and four screens on the back, which lets you know what is happening in front of it to cars that intend to overtake.
But we can still go back further to remember that these technologies have been developing for years. Jaguar Land Rover also presented in 2014 the so-called  “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen“, which basically consists of transforming the A pillars of the vehicle into “transparent”, turning them into screens that project the information collected by external cameras.

The latest technology in this area of ​​security is found in the Range Rover Evoque 2019 . Called as ‘Clear Sight Ground View‘ it is a technology that thanks to a series of cameras projects an image of high definition in the central screen that makes the hood (and the motor) invisible.

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