How to keep the vehicle brakes in good condition

The brakes are one of the most important active safety elements with which the vehicle counts . They are used every time you drive and although they are becoming more complete and present a more innovative technology, over time they wear out. So here are some tips to prolong the half-life of these elements.

Tricks to keep the brakes in good condition

First, practice responsible driving. A responsible driving is to drive with less abruptness, respecting the norms of speed of the way, maintaining the safety distance, not committing infractions or misunderstand and especially, whenever possible, to use the motor brake.

The engine brake is a good solution so that the brakes are not hot, it should be used in prolonged descents

The engine brake is a good solution so that the brakes are not hot, it should be used in prolonged descents, in which you can reduce the speed using the gearbox, and thus adapt more naturally to the speed of the track.

Another aspect to take into account are the vehicle witnesses , most vehicles currently have intelligent systems that warn you of wear and tear of the brake system . It is advisable not to let these warnings pass.

Finally, the touch of the pedal is a fundamental clue. If it vibrates, it must be stepped on hard or it sinks, brake pads or discs may be worn, unbalanced or there is a leak in the brake circuit.

As you see, maintaining a calm and intelligent driving can prolong the half-life of all the elements of a vehicle, including the brakes, but sooner or later it will be time to replace them.

A final piece of advice, when it comes to replacing a damaged part of the vehicle and incorporating a spare part, is preferable to leave it in the hands of professional mechanic, or at least in people who have certain notions about this science. On the internet in any case you can see different videos tutorials to carry out these maneuvers.

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