Volvo V70 R Design SE: Is This The Coolest Estate Car You’ll Ever Own?

An estate car is usually one bought by people that need plenty of practicality in their vehicles. Estates are just like saloon cars but with a significant difference: the boot has plenty of storage space. One issue many motorists have with saloons is the limited storage capabilities.

With an estate, one can easily put all kinds of cargo into the vehicle. Plus, the hatch makes it simple to load and unload items. Estates are also popular with drivers that have pets. That’s because one can install transport cages in the boot. And the floor is low enough for dogs to jump in and out of.


Volvo V70 R Design SE tells you is simple


With so many estate cars on the market, one is spoilt for choice. You’d think that estates are the least likely of vehicles to look “cool”. But, it might shock you to learn that plenty offer style and panache. One such model is the Volvo V70 Estate, believe it or not!

Still, that begs the question: if you need a good-looking estate car, is the Volvo for you? The answer is likely to be a yes. Here’s why:

The R Design SE trim is a beast

Some folks have the opinion that estate cars are just load luggers. They don’t have a powerful engine under the bonnet and take an age to reach 60 mph. I’m here today to tell you why the Volvo V70 kills that misconception.

The R Design SE variant comes with a monster of an engine! As standard, you can enjoy driving a 3.0-litre, 6-cylinder petrol power plant. It’s twin-turbocharged and boasts an impressive 281 brake horsepower! Plus, it will get you from zero to 60 mph in only seven seconds.

If you choose that particular model from Harratts, you’ll notice it comes with a 4×4 system. It might not be an SUV, but it’s perfect for keeping you on the road. Even when the driving conditions might be hazardous.

It’s sporty as standard

Stick with the R Design trim, another reason the V70 is cool is down to its looks. In case you didn’t know, the R Design is the sports tuned version of any modern Volvo model.

the R Design boasts sport seats

First of all, it has a lower suspension setup. That means the stance looks mean as hell when you look at it from afar. On the road, you can drive around corners at speed without killing yourself! It grips to the tarmac like a go-kart. That’s good, considering the car weighs around 1.9 tonnes!

Second, it has some sleek 18-inch alloy wheels. Other models have smaller diameter wheels. If you want the ultimate cool factor, the R Design trim is your best bet. You could upgrade to larger wheels if you wish. But, 18-inch ones offer the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Inside of the V70, the R Design boasts sport seats. I can tell you from experience they make the world of difference. Especially when you’ve got an engine that outputs almost 300 bhp.

It makes a statement

The thing that the Volvo V70 R Design SE tells you is simple. It’s a car that proves estates don’t have to be boring. Even the non R Design trims looks good.

These days, there is a high demand for people that want stylish yet practical vehicles. Gone are the days where things like large alloy wheels and body kits were extra. They now come as standard on many sporty trims. The Volvo V70 R Design SE is one such example.

Aside from business users, parents are also the likely owners of this specific model. As a parent, you might assume that you’ll have to drive “uncool” cars for the next 20 years. The Volvo V70 R Design SE is there to tell you that you don’t need to drive a dull vehicle!

Volvo V70 R Design SE is there to tell you that you don't need to drive a dull vehicle

It comes packed with technology

Last, but not least, the Volvo V70 R Design SE estate is a technology geek’s dream come true! As standard, you can enjoy things like climate control and rear parking sensors.

On the dashboard one can’t fail to notice the touchscreen display. It serves as the driver’s infotainment centre. The main selling points include Bluetooth connectivity and DAB digital radio. It is a seven-inch display that is easy to use.

the R Design trim is your best bet
Meanwhile, other tech features include automatic headlights and wipers. The electric tailgate is also a boon for those that demand convenience. Drivers can also enjoy the features of the heated and electric seat.

So, when will you get a Volvo V70 R Design SE estate?

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