Webasto parking heaters for all Toyota models

Webasto parking heaters for Toyota models take the winter horror: Preheat engine and Interior, while the neighbor must still laboriously remove ice and snow.

Webasto parking heaters for all Toyota car models

For all Toyota vehicles from small cars to vans iQ high quality Webasto heater is available. The premium products at Toyota beat Germany with 577 to 1006 Euros to the price, wherein the control element is not listed. All Webasto parking heaters ignite after activation via the control element in the combustion chamber of a flame heating. The cooling water of the vehicle is passed through the heater and heated. The heated cooling liquid flows on to the heat exchanger of the vehicle heating system, where the fan conveys the heat directly into the interior. This means that snow and ice melt, the discs are melting. After that, the warm water continues to flow to the engine from the Toyota car, which is so well warmed.

Toyota Germany mentions other benefits of a heater

Provided with a heater Toyota models offer far more benefits than just the temperature of the passenger compartment. Then several of fogged windows and limited visibility in the first few minutes after starting of the journey of the past. Environment and also benefit from an engine heater. A preheated engine needs, especially in the start-up phase substantially less fuel, and it keep the harmful cold starts spared. The decreased by the warmed engine fuel consumption is similar to the increase in consumption in the heating phase of almost entirely. In addition, the heater also guaranteed in the summer comfort zone: Then prevents its ventilation function of heat and greenhouse temperatures.

Controls for Webasto upgraded Toyota models

The specially tuned to the Toyota models heaters can be started before ride to ride. The customer can choose between three different control: “Thermo Call” for 389 euros enables the heating control via smartphone app. The remote control of Telestart T91 to 285 euros shines with 1,000 meters range and feedback function. With the Telestart T100 HTM offers Toyota Germany offering an intelligent remote control with also a maximum of 1,000 meters range. They also calculated the heater operating on the basis of ambient temperature and includes query and feedback function. With the available for 67 euros digital timer can be up to 24 hours in advance for a maximum of three times a day to program a start time.

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