The world’s first solar car starts rolling

Anti-impact deformation zone, seat belts, hydraulic brakes, lights, anti-pound wheels, etc.

The design and manufacture of vehicles like solar car can help to sustainable mobility and is always an excellent way to protect the environment, not forgetting the great contribution that is made in favor of public health. On this occasion, it has been the Spanish company news Evovelo, the first bet, and first solar car named of , will be marketed in a couple of months.

It still will be a test model , sold around 3,500 euros, a smaller price than is final, about 4,500 euros (excluding taxes). Its launch from next March will be inaugurated, precisely, with the sale of the first 100 cars in beta.

Anti-impact deformation zone, seat belts, hydraulic brakes, lights, anti-pound wheels, etc.

The first hundred will be released in March

The five hundred applications received from around the world to acquire a first test model, selected a hundred , explains Gonzalo Chomón, a founder and director of R & D cooperative Evovelo Malaga.

Among other countries, those first hundred experimental solar cars can be seen on the streets of Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States in order to draw conclusions that will help make the final model, which will be manufactured in Catalonia.

How is Mö?

The Mö can be defined as a mix between a mini car and a bike. In a similar way they define its creators when they say that is characterized by having “the comfort of the automobile standard with the benefits of an electric bike.”

As can be seen in the pictures, it is a closed vehicle with capacity for two people and space for some luggage. In relation to its resemblance to the electric bike, including the function of pedal assistance in order to help make exercise. In other words, in addition to sustainable mobility, it is also intended to be healthy.

Evovelo is committed to offering an economically viable alternative through strategic partners and collaborators.

Created with sustainable materials, it looks for the functionality and the care of the environment. A creation that seeks to love the urbanite sensitized to the importance of protecting the environment and, of course, in need of a safer and cleaner bicycle the car to make small displacement vehicle.

Instead of gasoline, it powered by an electric motor that powers a charged, in turn, by a battery solar panels . On cloudy days there is no reason to stay at home, since the battery can be charged through the mains, either directly or by pulling it out.

Its battery is relatively light, enough to carry with it (it has a portable design) and load it wherever we have the plug, either at home or at work. However, and this is a personal opinion, it seems very weak . Perhaps it should reinforce its solidity, more than anything for security, without, however, being light if it were necessary.

This does not mean that you doubt it is not safe, it is only a first impression. A feeling of vulnerability a priori, which does not have to correspond with reality. While considering that has been conceived as an alternative to the electric bicycle , perception then changes completely.

This solar car is a very peculiar vehicle. Both for its design and measurements. It is two meters long and almost one and a half wide by 1.30 centimeters high, weighs 85 kilos and its autonomy is 50 kilometers, ideal for moving around the city. Being certified as electric bicycle, on the other hand, it does not require a special permit for driving, so that appearances are deceiving. In fact, the concept is not that of a car, it is an amazing solar car.