Adaptive LED lighting for the new Ford Mondeo

The lighting technology in our cars is very important, especially for those who drive often at nigh. However, since more than 40 years ago it is a technology that has not advanced in the standard equipment of the cars , because even though the xenon headlights, LED or laser have appeared, no mid-range car / floor includes more advanced halogen lighting as part of the standard equipment.

Ford decided to integrate LED technology

As safety features such as ABS or ESP have been standardized as the standard equipment of any vehicle, xenon headlights should stop being an extra, now that is beginning to popularize the headlights full LED models more advanced. The only way that happens is that rules requiring implant manufacturers, but now the Airbag ESP or extra would remain in low-cost models.

Well, the new Ford Mondeo being left behind in terms of lighting technology, so Ford decided to integrate LED technology , which gives them more flexibility when designing the headlights. So get a more streamlined design that helps smooth the corners of the car and make it more aerodynamic and sporty.

Thus, it will become the first Ford of Europe model that can incorporate LED headlights. We understand that this equipment will LED series , even the most basic models, especially if we stick to the statements of Chris Hamilton, chief designer of Ford:

The new Mondeo wanted to increase the slender headlights, and LED technology has allowed us to do that. This would not have been possible with traditional halogen headlight.

Then we leave with an infographic of the history of enlightenment , and progress in Ford models, from the nineteenth century to the present day: