Audi and Porsche to develop new autonomous driving joint platform

Although they are two brands that belong to the same group, both Audi and Porsche have always operated with much autonomy, making their own decisions without having to be accountable to anyone. Nothing to do with what happens to SEAT, who had to wait a handful of years to launch their first SUV to the market.

The fact is that both brands are willing to approach more than ever to collaborate in a project that aims to save costs and develop innovative solutions. Hence, we are talking about a new joint platform that will respond to such important issues as digitization , electrification and autonomous driving.

Audi and Porsche have always operated with much autonomy

Hand in hand until 2025

The discussion have already begun to negotiate to elaborate a road map that will follow strictly until 2025 . In addition to designing a new platform, they will also launch several modules and components that will use in their future models.

Each will contribute their knowledge

Audi could benefit from Porsche’s advances in electrical matters, as the Mission E concept will offer data of autonomy and spectacular performance thanks to the enormous investment they have made. The platform in which it is cooking is named J1 and not only stands out for what I just said, but also unchecks the competition for the fact that you can recharge 80% of the battery in 15 minutes .
Audi’s electric platform is called C-BEV and will debut in 2018, when they launch the first electric SUV. That yes, it is not a platform dedicated solely and exclusively to that type of models, since it comes from the platform MLB of the group Volkswagen. Porsche have their exclusive electrical platform but at the moment it is thought for cars of reduced dimensions.

Taking into account that Audi would benefit from Porsche’s huge investment in the J1 platform, they are expected to bring all their knowledge in autonomous driving, which are not few at this point. They are working side by side with Nvidia and this summer, when they present the restyling of the A8, they will become the first manufacturer to offer the level 3 of autonomous driving, which is that of conditioned automation.