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Renault's first compact electric SUV presumably called Zandar

Renault’s first electric SUV could be called Renault Zandar, with up to 500 km of autonomy and CMF-EV platform

Some French media have echoed what could be the name of the first electric SUV of the rhombus firm: Renault Zandar. It is an urban crossover that would arrive in 2021 and would be based on the Morphoz electric modular platform concept . Another electric SUV, the size of the Kadjar, is expected to be unveiled in 2022. Another competitor…

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The Japanese brand has wanted to ensure the supply of batteries by acquiring 1% of the shares of the Chinese supplier

Honda acquired the world’s largest battery maker, the Chinese giant CATL

Contemporary Amperex Technology, better known as CATL, is one of the most important players in the sphere of the electric car, supplying practically all manufacturers and managing every link in the value chain, from raw materials to battery cells, passing through the recycling process. In fact it is the largest battery manufacturer in the world. Now Honda and CATL have…

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smallest car

The auctioned Scooter: 85,100 euros for the smallest car in the world

Scooters, cabin scooters and scooter vehicles: The Dorotheum, The largest auction house in Central Europe as it’s said by its website, auctioned rare mobility eyewitnesses from the 1950s. A Peel P.50, three-wheeled microcar, brought 85,100 euros. After the Second World War Europe drove bike, scooter and Mobile scooter. Some of the rarities are now coming under the hammer in the…

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