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And it is something that could be achieved with the so-called solid state batteries

What are solid state batteries and why are the future of the car

Our daily needs more and more batteries of greater capacity, durability and stability. Whether for mobile devices or electric cars , the need for better batteries is evident. Brands like Tesla have achieved authentic feats in the management of lithium-ion batteries, improving the autonomy of their models without changing the batteries. But it’s not enough. If one day the electric…

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The rhombus brand updates its flagship model by providing new security elements and cutting-edge technology. Renault Espace 2020

New Renault Espace 2020

The Renault Espace had not been updated for four years since the outgoing generation was launched in 2015. For its refreshing in its 2020 model the French brand has provided more details in its equipment as well as in the new additions in driving aids and in a face lift in its aesthetic section. On the other hand, in the…

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Hyundai and Kia announce their collaboration with Aurora Innovation for the development of autonomous cars

The race of the great automobile manufacturers for electrification and piloted driving is becoming more and more evident every day, and that is that agreements between brands and technology companies happen almost daily. The last of them has starred Hyundai Motor Group. The Korean brands Hyundai and Kia have announced an important investment in the Aurora firm Aurora Innovation Inc…

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most of the hydrogen now comes from fossil fuels and its production is responsible for the annual carbon emissions

The hydrogen car and the fuel cell are supported by a new alliance between Europe, Japan and the US

The G20 ministerial meeting on Energy and Environmental Transitions held in Tokyo has been the chosen scenario for three powers to associate in favor of hydrogen . Thus, Japan, the European Union and the United States have signed a joint declaration to promote fuel cell technology in all possible sectors. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, the…

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The BMW X1 2020 has a lithium battery of 9.7 kWh, which allows it to walk 50 km only with electricity

BMW X1 2020 gets visual upgrade and hybrid version

The BMW X1 2020 gained visual upgrade and was more sophisticated looking. The German luxury brand SUV now features a new optical assembly with LED daytime running lights forming two “C” and directional repeaters in light beam just above double LED projectors. BMW’s dual-rim grille has been updated, as has the bumper, which has gained much larger side air intakes…

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