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Dodge Challenger Hellcat is now even more aggressive thanks to an official widening kit

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat

With the Dodge Challenger Demon as the most brutal of the Challenger , the powerful Hellcat had been “somewhat decaffeinated” or at least that Dodge thinks , so it offers for the Hellcat 2018 a body widening kit to do.…

electric roadster The Electra Meccanica Tofino in the MX-5 look is to come 2019 and cost 37,000 dollars

Electra Meccanica Tofino: Three wheel electric roadster

The Canadian Automaker Electra Meccanica has now unveiled a new three wheel electric roadster in Vancouver. The Electra Meccanica Tofino reminds formally of a Mazda MX-5. Electra Meccanica is already active with the single-seat and three-wheeled solo in the electric…