The Japanese brand has wanted to ensure the supply of batteries by acquiring 1% of the shares of the Chinese supplier

Honda acquired the world’s largest battery maker, the Chinese giant CATL

Contemporary Amperex Technology, better known as CATL, is one of the most important players in the sphere of the electric car, supplying practically all manufacturers and managing every link in the value chain, from raw materials to battery cells, passing through the recycling process. In fact it is the largest battery manufacturer in the world. Now Honda and CATL have…

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One of the most common problems is that the oil does not withstand the high temperatures reached by the engine

Ask for oil: How to avoid the risks involved in using a poor quality engine oil

The main function of engine oil is to minimize contact between the metal parts, minimizing friction and, consequently, wear. The engine oil is responsible for creating a very thin film between the metal elements, to facilitate their slip. It also acts as a refrigerant where the coolant does not reach, to prevent the heat from deforming the moving parts. When…

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A giant Bosch racing advertisers interior lighting

Hella develops a danger warning system with interior lights

One of the largest manufacturers of automotive lighting systems expected to be a bridge twenty years where coexist cars that drive themselves and managed by people cars. The transition from a culture of mobility to another is what most concerns the research department Hella. Aid may mislead Report that the warning notices born with radars and sensors are based on…

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Motorcycle helmet generally deteriorates quite rapidly

How to decorate your motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet generally deteriorates quite rapidly, the art of re-decoration cheaper and provides better results is plotting. One of the best ways to decorate surfaces that have suffered wear and tear over time is the plot, this technique is widely used by people who do not want to spend much money on a transformation with professional painting and for a…

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