The best tips to clean your windshield

When we finish a trip, especially in summer, or when we have left it several days our windshield always asks for a shouting wash. Doing this is easy, but it may not be as simple as it seems because given the dryness of the environment, removing the remains of either mosquito slaughtered against the glass or removing the accumulated dust on its surface can cost us much more than expected.

In addition, not always that we apply water and rub the remains are removed, but the only thing we do is contribute to spread them over a surface even greater than the one they occupied previously and make the vision even more difficult. This is what usually happens when we operate the windshield wipers and we intend to remove them only with them and with the windscreen wiping liquid of the car.

The specialist repair and maintenance of car glass offers low cost preventive treatments that same as they get rainwater or snowflakes to slide better when falling on the glazed surfaces

You can incorporate Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS systems) in the windshields, as these have become an important security element that you also have to take care of. Its sensors pick up information through the windshield for the operation of many functions and systems of the car (especially for those who bring us closer to autonomous driving more and more) and just as your vision of the environment is reduced at that time, your Data capture could also be affected. So, bringing the crystals clean and well washed is increasingly necessary.

It is best then to opt for preventive tactics first

The specialist repair and maintenance of car glass offers low cost preventive treatments that same as they get rainwater or snowflakes to slide better when falling on the glazed surfaces, prevent the remains of the insects or the dust that hits them will stick to them. With this, we will achieve that the cleanings are much faster and easier.

The traditional method

If you opt for the more traditional method, water and soap, the best thing to remove mosquitoes is to resort to some cleaning product that we usually have at home and, conveniently mixed with water, distribute it on the surface to be cleaned. It is important to let the product act, so do not proceed to rub immediately but leave enough time before using the cloth.

To distribute the cleaning liquid to be used as well as to rub on the glass you must use suitable elements that do not scratch or deteriorate the surface of the glass. If you use very rigid rags or brushes with very hard bristles, when contacting the elements deposited on the surface of the glass and moving them with force you will move the harder particles and you will scratch the crystal.

If you did what we told you, it will be much easier to remove mosquitoes from the windshield. If you are also in a place where you can use hot water (never boiling, as this can damage or even cause the glass to explode), it will still be easier. Always use a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles and do not exceed the pressure applied on the glass always move them on the surface with rotating movements. If even accumulated insects or dust remains, mixing water with sodium bicarbonate in a microfiber cloth to clean also produces good results.

If what has accumulated on the glass is the grit of the beach that lifts the air, the best system you can use is the same that took you there: blowing air. But of course, not all of us have enough lung capacity for this, nor a compressor by hand. If you rub directly scratch the glass with the consequences already commented. The best thing to do then is to first pour water without too much pressure from the top of the windshield to remove as much of the grit from the same and then clean it normally. In these cases carrying a bottle of water in the trunk is a solution, especially in summer, it is not bad to adopt.