BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid efficient sportsmanship

The hybrid version of BMW 3 Series is ready and a new record in performance is 340 hp and 5.9 liter average fuel consumption. Available with four-door body and comes standard with eight-speed automatic transmission. And, like almost all good, is expensive: from 56,900 euros.

BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid efficient sportsmanship

BMW expands its range of hybrid cars the new BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid, which has the same mechanics of the Series 5 Hybrid gets better fuel but due to its smaller size and weight: 5.9 liters and 139 g/km of CO2, compared to the 6.4 liters of his older brother. And it is not intended to obtain the minimum cost, but to enjoy the drive and sound of big engines with a fuel consumption much more restrained. Provide maximum efficiency of the mechanical displacement turbo-diesel low as variants 316d and 318d of the series 3, for example.

It exceeds the Lexus GS 450h hybrid as tourism provides the best performance and is one of the few midsize hybrid sedans: The Toyota Prius is smaller, and the Audi A6, Lexus GS 450h and 35h Infiniti M are larger and even more expensive. For dimensions, the closest model is the Citroen DS5 Hybrid 4, although it has a different mechanical and clearly less potent, hybrid diesel and 200 hp.

BMW 3 Series Active Hybrid efficient sportsmanship

Like the 5 Series hybrid, the new BMW 3 Series incorporates some specific design details in the body and interior and combines a 3.0 turbo petrol and 306 hp with an electric motor 55 hp integrated into the automatic gearbox. Power total to 340 hp and has rear-wheel drive. You can not mount the steering system to all four wheels and electronic suspension, standard on the Series 5 Active Hybrid, optional on the Series 3.

It has a drag coefficient or Cx of 0.29 and a weight of 1,655 kilos (without driver), so that the power module (motor, batteries and associated electronics) an increase of 135 kilos against the 3 Series with conventional mechanical equivalent The 335i, which in turn spends 7.2 liters on average.

The benefits are very high, because it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.3 seconds and reaches 250 km / h. At the height of the car tuning. The video gives an idea of their potential. The first part is a section of road and the second to a German Autobahn without speed limit. On the relationship between size, power and weight, and good chassis 3 Series, is postulated as the most sporting and dynamic hybrid of the current bid.

The batteries, lithium, are also the same as in the 5 Series Active Hybrid. It have a capacity of 1.35 kWh and are placed under the boot, providing 390 liters of volume, 90 less by the presence of the batteries. Interestingly, the 5 Series hybrid provides a lower trunk of 375 liters, despite having identical batteries and have a larger body.

Circle up to four miles in electric mode (at a speed of 35 km/h) and can reach 60 km/h only with battery power.
The driver has different driving modes that alter the response and character of the car: it can vary from a soft and comfortable model to a more rigid and sports.

Pro Eco mode, the most efficient, electronics adapts all the mechanics to spend as little as possible and also has a function of ‘plan’: up to 160 km/h, each time slows down the gasoline engine stops function and the 3 Series hybrid travels by riding the momentum. There is also a Comfort program that enhances ride comfort and two sports cars, the Sport and Sport +, which increase the genius and feelings behind the wheel.

The official fuel consumption is 5.3 liters and 6.4 liters in city road, with an average finish of 5.9 liters. These figures are achieved with standard wheels, of mediated 225/50/17. As usual in hybrid models, spends less on urban routes because more time is where the electrical work of mechanics.

Moreover, different lines may include finishing the rest of Series 3 and M package that adds a sportier look.