BMW and General Motors does not cooperate in hydrogen technology

The possibility that BMW and Toyota collaborate on hydrogen fuel cell becomes very hard. But back to December, when BMW and General Motors announced they would see how to collaborate in the development of this technology, without anything concrete to reach over the months.

BMW 1 Series with hydrogen fuel cell

According to Bloomberg, BMW have confirmed they have ended negotiations with General Motors in the field. There has been an official announcement, but it just “coincidence” that BMW and Toyota have called a press conference tomorrow, Friday 29, and both manufacturers have decided not to make statements about it.

Right now, BMW has an open collaboration with PSA on future gasoline and hybrid ones. In turn, PSA has teamed with General Motors in other areas and BMW has a partnership with Toyota to give the Japanese diesel engine technology in exchange for lithium ion batteries, but a partnership in hybrids. What a mess, huh?

So it’ll announce that tomorrow is a collaboration between BMW and Toyota to advance the hydrogen fuel cell. BMW gambled earlier by the conventional hydrogen in piston engines (remember the BMW Hydrogen 7), but it seems be that the future is not going out there.