Brand launches perfume with new car smell

The online car sales network Auto Trader launches perfume that promises to bring the smell of a new car for over a thousand reais

Do you know that new car smell? Have you ever imagined having this fragrance encapsulated in a perfume? Auto Trader, the British online platform for marketing new and used cars, yes. And this is not an early April 1st joke.

The inspiration comes after Auto Trader’s research found that the scent of a new car was most-associated with success

The Eau de New Car seeks to simulate the smell of a new car and costs 175 pounds, about R $ 1,100. To recreate the characteristic and beloved smell of a new car, the company developed a perfume that mixes notes of leather with wax.

New car in hands

The perfume advertisement star Rory Reid, former host of the Top Gear program. Reid now heads the YouTube channel for the sales platform. According to Auto Trader, a quarter of Britons litter the scent of success. And, according to the survey, people considered successful tend to be more respected in the workplace and more attractive.

According to Auto Trader, the fragrance mixes “notes of the finest leathers and wax used in the most prestigious cars”.

“When our research found that the scent of a new car is the one which people are most likely to associate with success, we couldn’t resist creating a bespoke fragrance which brings this to life,” said Auto Trader’s Rory Reid.