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BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid To Launch In 2016

BMW 330e and 225xe Plug-In Hybrid Review

BMW 330e plug-in hybrid made its debut on the Italian market first step in a strategy that foresees similar versions of Series 7, Series 2 Active Tourer and X5. It seems, then, to get serious now with the BMW hybrid,…

Transmission Drive Logic SMG 7-speed traction for front, front and rear suspensions are sports

New BMW M5 2013

New BMW M5 2013 car has a V10 engine delivered to a twin turbo system, the power is 580 hp, the engine is 4999 cc, 40 valve, has another power that is of 507 hp at 7750 rpm, the torque…

BMW 5 Series 2013: Restyling of the range with new engines

Restyling for BMW 5 Series

The German company BMW announces changes to its 5 Series model. Specifically, we are talking about a restyling of a facelift for this bestselling car in its segment in the European premium market with nearly a million units produced since…