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Honda CR-V has some interesting elements in its visual signature, including the front grille

A most inspiring Style of Honda CR-V 2013

Honda CR-V is a return to the inspiration with a revised exterior design, far from the square design of previous models. Everything is much more fluid and modern, while the manufacturer has managed to combine style and convenience perfectly. If…

Honda Civic unveiled in 2011 were directed mainly to the interior and dashboard

Honda Civic 2013 in new and updated edition

Not need to be a connoisseur in the field of automobile that the 2012 edition of the Honda Civic had missed the target. Indeed, observers, who expected a heavily modified version of the best-selling car in North America were rather…

Honda Miimo, the robotic mower ASIMO brother

Honda Miimo, the robotic mower ASIMO brother

I guess I remember the Honda robot named ASIMO (pictured), the humanoid robot that carried the news media world for their ability to interact with people and even climbing stairs (something incredibly complicated for a robot with two legs). Well,…