Clean Diesel engine vs hybrids diesel technology

The Mazda6 also have a diesel version for North America in 2014

The Future of Diesel
Wherever you speak, Diesel engines are facing the challenge of being competitive with gasoline contamination also. Much has been made of the CO2 is the coconut and the bogeyman, but in reality, is a greenhouse gas, no pollution in open spaces, is toxic only at very high concentrations.

The diesel engine is reaching segments where science fiction was once see a model

A legislative harder against pollution, more money is needed for research and development, resulting in lower margins for manufacturers. There are two ways of improving the engines, which reduce emissions of CO2, and reduce emissions of polluting gases really.

However, once the manufacturers Clean Diesel in the streets are not as dangerous to public health in densely populated urban areas. You also have to go poking people in his head that you do not need a diesel, you buy something else. In Europe there is excess demand for diesel.

Mercedes E 320 BLUETEC in Japan, the height of exoticism

As diesel is the preferred fuel for transportation, excess private cars using diesel is bad for the economy. It also happens in reverse, in Japan have the problem that there is little individuals that use diesel and need to import more gas than is desirable. It has to be a balance.

Manufacturers seek to rush through the last day of the current legislation and sell the engines “dirtier” the authorities let them. If you are ahead, they have to raise prices, because all this technology is not cheap. Notice that in the U.S. the engine range Clean Diesel is very small: for example only has a Mercedes BlueTec clean diesel.

In the U.S. and Japan need to put more oil on the streets, in Europe need to remove several thousand. The calamari should go to the shop, or scrapped, and their owners to the stake. Over time, it will prohibit the movement of more polluting cars, health at stake in this, the Clean Diesel will be fought in a while.

Volvo V60 Plug-in: Diesel, Hybrid and Plug

What about hybrids diesel?

For now, only PSA Peugeot Citroën, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo dare with this type of diesel hybrids technology. For Volvo, it is a plug-in hybrid.

While it is true that such hybrids PSA (HYbrid4) are not competitive in consumption or cost per kilometer over the HDi pure and hard, it is true that pollute less, because the electric motor reduces the effort made by the HDi, and that means less air crap. But the big problem is that they are expensive.

Most industry bets on hybrid gasoline, and I think that trend will end imposing. Anyway, I also believe that you will see more hybrid Diesel on the streets, according to this first generation succeed. Audi already tried in 90 with the Audi Duo and put a brutal Slap sales: total failure.

Porsche Panamera Diesel, this really is “Diesel splash”

The Premium and Diesel as something groovy

Many brands that had not seen the painting Diesel or have surrendered to the evidence, there is demand for these engines: Honda, Subaru and Porsche are examples of brands that have backed down in their primal philosophies. The diesel engine is reaching segments where science fiction was once see a model.

But while starting to have Diesel in convertibles, sedans and even sports representation, but begins to regress their presence in smaller segments. For example, in segment A and B no longer offer some brands Diesel, gasoline engines because they have very tight consumption.