Hella develops a danger warning system with interior lights

One of the largest manufacturers of automotive lighting systems expected to be a bridge twenty years where coexist cars that drive themselves and managed by people cars. The transition from a culture of mobility to another is what most concerns the research department Hella.

Aid may mislead

Hella lights strips control systems of movement

Report that the warning notices born with radars and sensors are based on beeps and sirens, and that acoustic shrillness, according to some of the latest research in neurology, produce the opposite effect: an alarm, instead of warn and help avoid an accident, it alters the human being. Cases where drivers nerviosidades react with the protective system and ends up being the cause of a collision occur.

Hella LED all connected

The invention league Hella lights strips control systems of movement, blind spot detectors, objects and pedestrians. And instead of emitting a loud sound from the speakers each LED car lights that indicate the driver which direction to look , because that’s where the danger.

Hella LED strip: It could soon be a reality

A giant Bosch racing advertisers interior lighting

Kristian Doscher is the leader in the marketing department of the German manufacturer of lamps and optics. He has been asked when they see these new ways to report possible incidents to drivers. Doscher sees it easy; technology is already developed. Incandescent headlamps, LED and xenon emerging from Hella are riding the most popular German triad houses: Mercedes, BMW and Audi. But the list is quite larger, and PSA-Peugeot / Citroen or Cadillac, by someone crease across the Atlantic, are his customers as well.

Doscher sees its main contractors may be asking them these advertisers interior lighting in some models 2017-2018 , and extending to the entire catalogs of these brands in less than five years.

A giant Bosch racing

The annual report 2014-2015, reported Hella hundred plants in more than 35 countries . Within the European continent, according to public figures, they have employed 21,689 people. Diversification in its business also includes light beacons at sea and airports. What started in the late nineteenth century has become an international corporation Bosch racing, surely other parts manufacturers most powerful car in the world.