Dangers of taking your child without a seat in the car

child without a seat in the car

There are many dangers involved in carrying a child or a baby without your car seat and safety measure. In the case of the baby, if there is an accident and it is in the lap of an adult, the result could be fatal. In the case of a child, if he is sitting in the back chair without his seat , when having an accident the safety belt could cause very serious injuries to his neck.

How old should the children be in the car seat?

With the latest update of the regulations, in effect from October 1, 2015, there is no minimum or maximum age for your children to have to sit in a baby car seat . The child must have a height greater than 1.35 meters, regardless of how old he is, in order to sit without a car seat .

So that a child who measures less than 1.35 meters can sit on the passenger seat with his child restraint system, one of the following requirements must be met:

– The vehicle is two seats.

– The rest of the seats of the vehicle are occupied by other children with a child restraint system.

Accidents with children traveling without a car seat is increasing.

What is the penalty for taking your children without a seat in the car?

In addition to the dangers involved, the fine that must be paid for carrying children without seat in the car is 200 euros (It may differ as per rules of different countries and regulation authorities). In some cases, the agent could even immobilize the vehicle.