Motorcycle helmet generally deteriorates quite rapidly, the art of re-decoration cheaper and provides better results is plotting.

One of the best ways to decorate surfaces that have suffered wear and tear over time is the plot, this technique is widely used by people who do not want to spend much money on a transformation with professional painting and for a motorcycle helmet is ideal place to leave it again.

First steps for decoration

First you have to select the images you want to stick on the surface to be repaired, it is very important that the print size they fit the motorcycle helmet surface where they will be attached.

Motorcycle helmet generally deteriorates quite rapidly

These images can be varied and the key you want to contrast with the color of the helmet. Once lists are there that take them to a commercial site that has a huge plotter printer called, where you will use a material called vinyl to print the selected images.

Before plotting

Vinyl is a material with adhesion and which you can choose any color that will be the basis of pictures, there’s even the option of transparent shade for those who just want to see the pictures without background on your motorcycle helmet.

Once ready images printed on vinyl have chosen is just a matter of creativity. It is important to note that if pictures are desired in the town but only a uniform color is much easier as it is just a matter of buying the vinyl color you prefer.

Process plotted

When the vinyl you are ready to decorate motorcycle helmet, proceed to cut the images or symbols that you want to place on the surface, then a solution of water with a little soap is prepared, and placed in a spray slightly wetted surface of the hull, which must be completely clean.

Now we have to remove part of the paper that is sticky and attach to the surface of the hull in the position and location you want, it should help with a spatula so that no bubbles.

The soapy water is what allows the vinyl does not adhere immediately and to be perfectly smooth. Finally the vinyl glued dried in a motorcycle helmet blow hot hand, let it rest and go.