Details Review: Jeep Renegade 2015

The Jeep Renegade is one of the most anticipated releases of 2015. But what many of their eager fans do not know is that it is also a key product for Chrysler Fiat Automobiles worldwide.


The Jeep Renegade 2015 looks like a real Jeep. No doubt about that. It is identified at first glance. But it is also true that it is not a Jeep anyone. Despite the tradition of the brand, its off-road aesthetic and mechanical wheel drive, it is known that most of the buyers use it as an urban vehicle.

It is positioned in the B segment to compete against the Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster , Chevrolet Tracker and Chery Tiggo.

The Jeep Renegade 2015 looks like a real Jeep

It was developed based on the platform of SUVs guys FCA, which in turn is a development platform small cars that began with the already broken alliance between Fiat and General Motors . That is, in its structural components, as both the Renegade 500X DNA have something Fiat Punto and Chevrolet Tracker .

But, of course, none of this is seen to see it in person. Designers Ian Hedge and Jeremy Glover , both with less than 30 years old, Renegade lines created with the idea of offering all the fun of the spirit of the Wrangler, but adapted for a car that can handle every day.

There are the rendondos headlights, grille with vertical bars, square profile, high hood, angled fender.

“We wanted it to be a nice SUV, cute, innocent little bee as a city” , told us the design team in Rio. “There are too many SUV of its kind in the market. We wanted something with more personality and a little aggressive, like a watchdog, which also forward the spirit of fun. A bulldog dressed as a bee ” .

Yes, sometimes the designers speak well.

With 4.25 meters, 1.78 wide, 1.66 tall and 2.57 wheelbase, the Renegade is located within the average measures of B SUV segment. Only the Duster is a little bigger.

Importantly, no spare tire hanging tailgate, an impractical tradition to the bestseller EcoSport is already beginning to banish.

The trim levels Sport , Longitude and Trailhawk differ in the details of external termination, although none of the three has an aesthetic basis . Unlike other SUV in this segment, with the Renegade will you ever feel that your neighbor bought a better version.

The tires are all attractive design. The only difference is that in the Sport are 16 inches (tires 215/85), whereas the other two versions fit wheels 17 ” (215/60, mixed use with tires for Trailhawk).

Aesthetic Reviews? An important: even with 17 “wheels wheel arches are some gaps. : In Brazil, a free very good option for all versions is offered legs 18 “. We are perfect.


The interior is light and airy. Again, the Duster stands out in this segment with greater habitability. And the EcoSport offers practical solutions such as variable angle rear seatback. The Renegade is no room for four adults and a child.

The driver has a position of more than correct handling. High, as used in this segment, but with adjustable height and reach steering wheel. The most equipped in Brazil versions offer power-adjustable front seats.

The quality of finish is one of the first areas where the Renegade is distinguished from the competition. Inside is tasteful, padded materials Premium level, wall care. Both outside and inside are noticed many hours of design and development. That costs money, something that manufacturers are not always willing to invest in this segment.

Another aspect which also makes a difference is the technology available to passengers: two types of touch screens (from 5 to 6.5 inches) board with digital display and automatic parking system (in and out of the place). Offer optional interesting in Brazil, as a premium audio package ( Beats , eight-speaker).

But what matters is what comes standard on all versions: multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, rear parking sensors, electric parking brake and Bluetooth.

The variety of configurations reaches the ceiling, literally. There are two types of sunroof, one traditional and panoramic, with curtain. And another also pan with removable panels fiber to travel the open. A detail very Wrangler.

The trunk is not the greatest. It has 260 liters of capacity, but the important thing is what is hidden under the floor of the cargo space: A spare tire equal to the four holders with metal rim. On versions with optional 18 “wheels, however, aid also respects the same size and design tire. To highlight.


The standard safety equipment is very complete. Since the Sport version, the Renegade comes with dual front airbags, ABS (with EBD and BAS), five three-point inertia seat belts, seat belt warning oblivion on all five seats, five head restraints, Isofix, stability control, hill start assistance, rollover mitigation system and traction control. None of its competitors offers both series.

In addition, the Trailhawk version adds rain and light sensors. In Brazil, all versions can be added as an option a Pack Safety: adds dual front side airbags, dual curtain airbags, knee airbag for the driver and indicators tire pressure.

For the moment, no independent test results Renegade shock manufactured in Brazil. It would be nice to know if LatinNCAP can corroborate the excellent note and gave EuroNCAP Italian Renegade: Five stars.


In Brazil, the Renegade is offered with two engines: E.torQ naftera 1.8 16v 130 hp at 5,250 rpm (132 alcohol) and 186 Nm at 3,750 rpm. And another Multijet 2.0 16v turbo, 170 hp at 3,750 rpm and 357 Nm at 1,750 rpm.

The naftera paired with a five-speed manual gearbox or an automatic six-speed, always with front wheel drive. The turbodiesel combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission, always with AWD.

In principle, our country would arrive the E.torQ with five-speed manual gearbox. And a TigerShark 2.4 gasoline engine with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive nine gears.

Wheel drive is the type smart . That is, under normal conditions work as front-wheel torque and only sends to detect loss of adhesion.

But has numerous resources for off-road . For example, 4 × 4 block (the double is not disconnected). It also features Active Drive Low , an electronic system that simulates a gearbox. It is combined with automatic transmission only nine gears and has a first ultra-low gear, which is only used when the system is activated. That is, under normal conditions, begins in the second or third gear.

To this is added the Select-Terrain already known from other Jeep. It is an electronic aid management, which uses sensors stability control, traction aids sloped to evolve with better traction in snow , sand , mud and stones .


Despite weighing 1,432 kilos, the known motor moves the Renegade Row agile in traffic. The front end feels very sturdy and rear suspensions are designed for speed bumps and potholes in our streets. The ground clearance of 20 inches is sufficient.

Wheel drive versions have independent McPherson strut suspension in the front and on the rear axle. 4 × 4 versions add multi-link rear suspension as the EcoSport Duster 4WD and 4WD.

The steering is quick and city driving can be fun. On motorways, the lack of a relationship in the box note: traveling at 120 km / h in fifth at 3,000 rpm. As for anecdotes, I tell you that the 2.0 Multijet variant operates only 1,000 rpm (almost regulating) at the same speed and in ninth gear.

It was not possible to measure performance, but officials Jeep values ​​for this version 1.8 5MT are: 180 km / h maximum, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 10.8 seconds and an average consumption of 10 liters per 100 kilometers (combined cycle, city ​​/ highway).

The tour started off-road dirt roads, which later became mud, then a climb with mud and finally in a climb with deep huellones and slippery rocks.

The requirement for the vehicle was higher than expected for a launch event. In some sections, clearance of 22 inches from version 4 × 4 (two more than the 4 × 2) not enough: the hits the road against cubrucárter felt. We had to use the Select-Terrain, low and blocking 4 × 4.

The tour was so demanding that one of the 30 units Fleet threw in the towel with a typical application of this drive system: the double disconnected to protect against a possible overheating differential.

That said, it should also be noted that no other unit was damaged in this way. From Jeep explained that they were still pre-series vehicles and said that the experience will improve the vehicles go on sale.

Journalist Matías Antico (Clarín Group) reported on your Facebook that the engine of his Renegade stood in the center carioca. Be seen TN Autos to know details of the problem. Or to see if it was another figment of his imagination, as the false camouflage on a Ford Ranger .


The girls SUV segment has a long history, but it was the Mercosur, with the Ford EcoSport to head the region that became a popular phenomenon. Now that is a global event-and the competition is getting more numerous-Jeep came to say: “OK, invented the SUV the other girls. But I’m Jeep, I invented the fashion of the road ” .

The Renegade comes as a rookie in this segment, but with arguments to become the market benchmark. It has the quality, safety, technology and the variety of mechanical to get open easily rivals.

In the Brazilian market, the variety of options Renegade make him a formidable contender from day one.

Looking at it from the point of view of Mercosur, the Jeep Renegade has all the chips to be the reference and dream of being a leader.