Distinctive details of Nissan GT-R Track Edition 2017

The New York Motor Show is the event that Nissan has marked in red on the calendar to present the GT-R Track Edition, a spectacular special edition that will try to combine comfort and sportsmanship at a price of $ 127,990. That’s a lot more than they ask for the GT-R access, which costs $ 109,990, and far more than they asked for the first GT-R, which seduced many Americans by selling for about $ 70,000.

Nissan GT-R Track Edition 2017 images recorded by the rear parking camera that incorporates

Its design gains in aggressiveness and that is noticeable in details like the V-Motion front grille, which is not precisely small. They say that it improves the cooling system compared to the previous GT-R, while its design stands out for a new chrome finish and a mesh pattern that has been revised.

In the interior continue the pleasant surprises. The red and the black are combined beautifully in parts like the seats, which are reclining and have been made by Recaro. They have simplified the switch so that it only has eleven switches and does not go unnoticed its 8-inch touch screen placed in the central part of the dashboard. With it, among other things, we can see the images recorded by the rear parking camera that incorporates.

The New York Motor Show Nissan GT-R Track Edition 2017

Another detail that is appreciated is that of the cams that are placed in the steering wheel. With them the fun is guaranteed and the gear changes are carried out at high speed, making it a very interesting option for those who do not want to lose control in no time.

Technologically high

The multimedia system is the Nissan Connect SM. It comes with a browser and mobile applications that allow you to access various functions, such as allowing you to lock and unlock the car doors using a smartphone, call the emergency service or inform you if you have been stolen Car.

In the interior of Nissan GT-R Track Edition 2017 continue the pleasant surprises

The sound quality is guaranteed thanks to a Bose equipment that offers technologies like Active Noise Cancellation or Active Sound Enhancement. The first acts against the noises from the outside that we do not want to hear, while the second comes into action to amplify the roar of the engine in the passenger compartment.

Power left and torque motor

The engine, a 3.8-liter VR38DETT capable of delivering 565 hp and maximum torque 633 Nm , works in conjunction with a six-speed sequential gearbox.