Electric Ford F-150 prototypes will start rolling in 2021 and will be built in Michigan

Ford will build a new facility in Dearborn, Michigan, adjacent to its existing vehicle factory to produce the long-awaited future electric version of the iconic pick-up there .

How could it be otherwise, the oval firm has opted to build its new assembly lines in the city that houses its headquarters. The F-150 is an icon of the automotive industry and the fact that the company has electrified the top-selling truck for four decades is an indicator to say the least of the commitment the company has made to this technology.

As Bloomberg has learned , citing sources close to the firm’s project, “Ford will temporarily close the Michigan factory next month to install machinery for the redesigned F-150 pickup that will go on sale next year .”

The electric Ford F-150 is closer now: the first prototypes will start rolling in 2021 and will be built in Michigan

The reconversion tasks are expected to start on September 7 and will be the result of the total investment of 750 million dollars that the brand will allocate to this plant until 2023 to manufacture the new Ford Bronco , Ford Ranger and the Ford F-150 both with combustion engines such as the brand new hybrid and the emission-free variant.

Prototypes for 2021, already rivaling the Tesla Cybertruck in 2022

The plan contemplates that the first prototypes of the 100% electric will see the light in 2021 , a year before the same happens with the production model in the summer of 2022 , as anticipated by the director of operations of Ford, Jim Farley, last June.

Therefore, Ford’s electric pick-up will arrive after its future rivals Tesla Cybertruck or the Rivian R1T , which promise 805 km and 643 km of autonomy , respectively, by 2021. The exciting Lordstown Endurance does not want to miss the train either and predicts 400 km of autonomy and 600 hp for next year.

The zero-emission Ford F-150, meanwhile, will land a year later to coincide with the launch of the new all-electric Ford Transit , which will postpone its arrival by one year since it was initially expected in 2021.

Ford expects to continue reaping joy with the F-150, a model that sold about 900,000 units in 2019 , generating about $ 42 million in revenue for the company.

It will be necessary to discover how well the historic model is received by the clientele, which, despite its total electrification, promises to remain a true beast capable of towing 10 double-height car transporters loaded with another 42 Ford F-150s. To know all its secrets, for the moment we have to wait.