F1 2011, Codemasters presents the new version for Nintendo 3DS

Let’s change a bit the usual approach of these posts, that we are almost always focused on racing games that are released for home consoles or PC. We forget that there are an important number of gamers who, for various reasons, choose to play games via a handheld.
F1 2011, Codemasters presents the new version for Nintendo 3DS
Currently, the greatest exponent of portable consoles (the most modern and we will not enter into tablets or Android phones or iOS) is Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita until it is (the new Portable PlayStation) early next year, Nintendo 3DS with deservedly occupies the throne.

Codemasters has just announced the surprise exit F1 2011 adapted to small Nintendo console. It is a version that tries to keep everything good in the desktop (at the amount) and boosted with the 3D effect display that carries top of the console.
All the drivers, cars and tracks this season, four-way online multiplayer, sixty different challenges to complete, weather and different configurations steps boxes. As seen in the trailer the thing does not look bad, has good graphics to be the console that is, but we must be especially attentive to the frame rate.
If you have not played many games 3DS but in many the rate of frames per second drops to levels that are not recommended and in a car game that is unforgivable. We’ll see how it behaves and whether raising the bar of the board game (criticized by many, loved by many others). For now here’s the trailer. The game will be released later this month.