Ford Bronco Sport has EcoBoost versions and engines unveiled in the USA

The Ford Bronco Sport 2021 has already been seen, but now has versions and engines revealed, the latter being EcoBoost. According to the findings of the Bronco Sport Forum, through Juggernaut, images of a program from the factory showing versions with codes R9A, R9B, R9C, R9D and R9F.

These correspond respectively to the commercial versions Base, Big Band, Outer Banks, Badlands and First Edition, which should debut on board the Ford Bronco Sport 2021. All of these options have four-wheel drive.

Ford is expected to start production of the Bronco Sport in Hermosillo

In addition, the Ford program showed the colors available for Bronco Sport in the USA, namely Alto Blue Metallic, Area 51, Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber ​​Orange Metallic, Iconic Silver, Kodiak Brown, Oxford White, Rapid Red Metallic and Shadow Black. The contrasting ceiling can be black or gray.

The wheel options are 17-inch wheels with 225/65 R17 and 235/65 R17 tires, according to one of the two engines available. The Ford Bronco Sport 2021 will also have dual zone air conditioning, leather seats, heated front seats, electrochromic rear view mirror, Active Orange and Area 51 pattern, light leather seats, among others.

The Ford Bronco Sport 2021 will have 1.5 EcoBoost engines with 182 horsepower and 2.0 EcoBoost with 258 horsepower, in addition to an eight-speed automatic transmission and 4 × 4 traction. The SUV has 2.67 m of wheelbase, which is slightly smaller than the Escape and Territory, for example. This indicates that the new product will be an intermediary between these two.

Ford is expected to start production of the Bronco Sport in Hermosillo, Mexico

Ford is expected to start production of the Bronco Sport in Hermosillo, Mexico, where the Focus was previously done. From there, it will be easy for the model to ship other countries, with one or both engine options. As already mentioned, the program seen is for the American market.

However, the Ford Bronco Sport 2021 has a global focus and is expected to carry other engines outside the USA, mainly the EcoBlue 2.0, which in Europe could reach 180 or 190 horsepower, in addition to weaker options, such as 150 horsepower diesel and even manual gearshift. six gears, for example.