Ford to upgrade your entertainment system includes Siri Eyes

Ford is the latest automaker to add Siri Eye for free voice control. The Blue Oval is launching this feature through a software upgrade for vehicles equipped with synchronization systems and MyFord Touch infotainment, dating back to the 2011 model year.

The update will cover more than five million vehicles, Ford said. While rival Chevrolet was one of the first auto makers to offer Siri Eyes Free, Ford has largely avoided the connectivity features keyed to specific smartphones operating systems so far.

Ford initially revealed the Sync version 3.8 update with Siri Eyes Free

Siri Eyes of MyFord Touch infotainment essentially allows the integration of voice command system of Apple in the infotainment system on board the car. It has been seen as an advantage, since it allows users to control certain functions of smartphones that use more ergonomic controls that car. The idea is to keep drivers without hands on their phones while on the move, helping to minimize distraction.

Once drivers synchronize a compatible iPhone, Siri can be activated by pressing the voice recognition on the steering wheel. They can then “talk” to Siri in much the same way they use generic voice control qye already offered with Ford infotainment systems. Eye Siri can perform tasks such as calls, set reminders, checking the time, listen to music, send and read text messages, and get directions through Apple Maps.

Ford says the update is compatible with models from 2011 to 2016, which should mean that drivers can add Siri Eyes if they have older systems MyFord Touch, or the new Sync system 3, which launched in 2016. This will try to remedy many of the criticisms of MyFord Touch (intuitive interfaces).

MyFord Touch is available on most Ford models, and the automaker plans to replace heavily on the 2016 Ford models also offer similar systems with its luxury division Lincoln, although the company did not specifically say whether Siri will be added Lincoln models as part of this update.