Ford unveils its beast for egames: a sculptural virtual car capable of mutating its body according to the circuit

At the beginning of March of this year, Ford announced the conception of a virtual racing car and its design called for the participation of the gamer community . Five months later, the Team Fordzilla P1 concept is unveiled: a statuesque and advanced digital racing model capable of modifying its length and just unveiled at Gamescom 2020 .

In this project, which follows in the wake of the Vision Concept , the designers of the oval firm were involved, as well as the captains of the Fordzilla esports teams from Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. But it was also open to the participation of the public who, through surveys published on social networks, were choosing the best options in design of several of its elements.

Ford super car beast for eGames: virtual car capable of mutating its body according to the circuit

Team Fordzilla P1 concept

Two models reached the final, this prototype designed by the Spanish Arturo Ariño rising as the overwhelming winner , as it obtained close to 250,000 votes, 83.8% of the total. His proposal thus becomes the Team Fordzilla P1 concept.

In addition, this virtual race car will cross borders to the physical plane, as Ford has confirmed that it will manufacture a unit “in real size” , although it points to a mere model. Be that as it may, it has already started working on it at its design center in Cologne (Germany) and announces that it will be ready before the end of 2020.

We will see it in 2021 in a video game not yet revealed

This Team Fordzilla P1 concept is not based on any real model of the brand, so it has been conceived from scratch. However, according to its creator, it inspires its forms in the Ford GT , with a very low center of gravity, also having a generous opening on the sides as occurs in the American supercar.

However, its stamp is much more avant-garde, highlighting a very low height glass cabin, a science fiction aerodynamics or the partially faired rear wheels.

In addition, it boasts morphing technology for the bodywork , which allows its length to be modified depending on the test: for example, to lengthen its rear long-tail style for routes with long straights, as in the case of Le Mans, or to shorten its bodywork. for more buzzing circuits such as Monaco.

Ford beast for eGames: virtual car capable of mutating its body according to the circuit

“The P1 project took me to the beginning of everything. The reason I became a car designer in the first place was to design something never seen before and something that goes one step further. This vehicle will be visually impressive, and at the same time time that will push the gamer to his limits of concentration and reflexes, it will also be enormously rewarding to drive

And the big question, where will this Team Fordzilla P1 concept compete? It is not yet known, but Ford has dropped that it is in “advanced discussions” with a major video game developer to include it in 2021 in “a very popular racing title.