Reasons why the air conditioning system does not cool the car

The air conditioning does not cool the car
There are several possibilities by which the air conditioning of a vehicle stops cooling, preventing proper air conditioning during the hottest months of the year. Although the most common is the lack of enough gas in the car to cool the air, the range of options is much wider than it might seem at first, so it is more appropriate to detect that the air conditioning of the car does not cool is to go to our workshop as soon as possible.

Improper air conditioning of the vehicle during the summer months, can even affect the safety of its members, not having the most appropriate conditions for driving. What a priori may simply seem an uncomfortable situation, may end up degenerating untimely distractions or fatigue in the driver. Therefore, always try to drive is the most appropriate conditions with a temperature of the interior of the vehicle that is around 20 degrees.

Possible causes why the air conditioner stops cooling

As we have commented, the lack of gas is the most usual option. This may be due to a possible leak in the pipes and pipes that transport it. But this cause is not the only one possible. Another mechanical failure that can degenerate in the lack of cooling of the air conditioner is some leakage of refrigerant. To be sure of this possibility, it should be checked for oil stains around the system ducts. In this case, the conduits should be replaced with new ones.

The third possible alternative is a clogging of the filters due to dirt. To avoid this, it is advisable to periodically maintain the vehicle by changing the air filters every so often or, if necessary, clean the filters to get the correct vehicle climate control again. The absence of cold air can also be due to the accumulation of dirt in the indoor fan, plugging its slits and negatively affecting the correct air flow when activating this function. One of the symptoms to detect that it is a problem related to the fan, is an unpleasant smell when activating the air conditioning inside the vehicle.

Another of the fundamental pieces in relation to the operation of air conditioning is the outdoor exchanger. The accumulation of dirt particles in the same causing its clogging increases the pressure of the gas causing the air does not cool and leaves at room temperature. That is why it is so important to clean it at least once a year, preferably before the change of season.

In the cases in which when activating the air conditioning begins to be heard a strange vibration, it is usually due to the compressor of the vehicle is damaged. If this is the case, it is advisable to confirm this diagnosis with the help of professionals and, if necessary, repair or replace the compressor. A correct maintenance of the vehicle in which the mentioned components are reviewed with certain periodicity, will avoid possible unpleasant situations to the driver and companions in relation to the air conditioning of the car during the hottest months of the year.

Sometimes, it is enough simply to recharge the gas in the air system in the workshop so that the car’s air conditioning cools, but as we can see, there are many other possible causes. Therefore, before the first symptoms of breakdown, it is advisable to request the help of professionals who carry out an in-depth diagnosis and determine where the problem comes from.

As we say, sometimes it will be enough to tune the ear or nose to detect the breakdown in time.