The Greatest Classic Ford Models of All Time

Ford are the jewel in the crown when it comes to American car manufacturing. There’s no other manufacturer with the history and prestige of Ford. They may have gone through good times and bad, but they seem like they’re now returning to the top of their game with the new crop of releases.

And no matter what you think of their current automotive output, you can’t argue with the quality of their best cars over the years. They have an impressive stable, and it’s hard to pick which cars are their greatest. But here are what I consider to be Ford’s greatest classic cars.
The greatest racing car Ford have ever made is the Ford Shelby Cobra

Ford Galaxie

Between the late 1950s and the mid-1970s, Ford’s most stylish car was undoubtedly the Ford Galaxie. It really hit its peak in the mid-1960s when it upgraded its suspension and added a smooth and relaxed driving experience to the already stunning design.

It was originally manufactured as a rival to Chevrolet Impala (and it’s a much better car than the Impala) and quickly became a hit in the racing car world. It shows the car’s flexibility that it could function as a family car and a racing car.

Ford Mustang

The great thing about the Ford Mustang is that they’re still being made and improved. And, in my opinion, the more recent Ford models are the best the company has ever made. A lot of people will disagree, but I think I’m right!

You can buy one of the new cars and be as happy with it as with a classic. For me, the 2011 model is the greatest to date as it incorporated the classic Mustang appearance with the very best of modern engineering.
Ford are responsible for the incredible engine inside the Cobra

Ford Thunderbird

If pure classic style is what you like, you must be a fan of the Ford Thunderbird. It’s the epitome of 1950s American car manufacturing. It’s luxurious, and it’s sporty. The body of the car is angular, and the two-seater interior is stylish, if not functional!

The design is very mid-century, and it invokes a feeling of nostalgia for that post-war period in America, which seems like a more prosperous and bright time.

Lincoln Continental

If the 1950s belongs to the Thunderbird, the early 1960s belongs to the Lincoln Continental. It’s hard to imagine anyone trying to navigate a modern city road network in one of these. They’re far too big and boxy to be functional nowadays, but that’s part of the appeal.

They were used in a lot of movies at the time and are by now totally iconic. Especially the rear ‘suicide doors’ which open the opposite way as you’d expect them to. And Ford has recently announced that next year will see the return of an all new Lincoln Continental.

Ford Shelby Cobra

The greatest racing car Ford have ever made is the Ford Shelby Cobra. Everyone, even if they know nothing about cars, will recognize the iconic body of the Cobra. The car was a collaboration between Ford and Shelby so both manufacturers can take the credit.

Although, it’s certain that Ford are responsible for the incredible engine inside the Cobra. It’s one of the finest sports cars the world has ever seen. And if you want to own one today, you’ll have to pay a lot of money.

Everyone will have different ideas about which Ford model is the best, but you can’t deny the quality offered by these five cars.