Land Rover Defender 2012: Fireproof and indestructible

Born in 1948, Land Rover has achieved its own right become almost a “generic” when it comes to all-terrain models. Today, the indestructible Defender is on sale and in 2012 received slight improvements, after they had received in 2007.

The most prominent of the Land Rover Defender 2012 is the arrival of a 2.2-liter diesel engine, which replaces the previous 2.4-liter. This has the same figures of power, torque and fuel consumption than the 2.4, but is more environmentally friendly and complies with EU5.

Land Rover Defender 2012 Fireproof, indestructible

122 hp at 3,500 rpm and 360 Nm at 2,000 rpm, for a performance rather discreet. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 14.7 seconds while top speed goes from 132 to 145 km/h. These benefits are achieved with the same manual gearbox with six speeds, characterized by a very short first to roll through the countryside and use of trailers, and a sixth longer than consumption and improving comfort on road.

All  Land Rover Defender 2012 also feature ventilated disc brakes, alloy wheels and redesigned. Everything to keep those 25,000 units/year to achieve since 2007, having as one of its main buyers for the fleets of NGOs, commercial vehicles and armed forces of many countries.

Packs of equipment for the Defender
Another novelty of the Land Rover Defender, is that now comes standard with a basic level of equipment called “E” and besides there are six packs of equipment: Convenience Pack, Cold Climate Pack, S Pack, SE Pack, Leather Pack and Off-Road Pack.

The Convenience Pack is so basic that it only includes electric front windows and remote central locking. Moving to Cold Climate Pack , as its name suggests it’s details to enhance comfort in cold, as it only includes heated front seats and thermal glass.

The S Pack begins to make the Land Rover Defender in a real car, it adds to his team reporoductor CD, interior mats, front electric windows, locking with remote control, rear windows, rear window wiper thermal +, front fenders, SW roof and cloth seats.

The SE pack adds an auxiliary input for CD player, and the contours of the headlights and front grille finish Brunel, front fenders, side sills, wheel arches, body color, carpeting, seats upholstered in leather partially steering wheel skin and rear storage network models Station Wagon and Hard Top.

Land Rover Defender 2012 Fireproof, indestructible

For the first time in the history of Land Rover Defender, you can include leather steering wheel with the partially leather-trimmed seats with Leather Pack.

And finally, in Off Road Pack , the ABS , the tires MTR specific roll on the field, the hitch ball, the safety bar of the chassis and aluminum side panels may also be part of our Land Rover Defender.

Improving the look and comfort of the Land Rover Defender

Land Rover also announced that at the request of customers for the first time the top pick-up will be black, while the Double Cab Pick Up is available in beige.

The front seats are now higher and ergonomics in order to improve comfort and lateral support when you’re shooting field or on curves. But the second-row seat is now more robust and enveloping, less flat in their forms than in previous models.

Land Rover Defender 2012 Fireproof, indestructible

With these small changes, the Land Rover Defender is ready to defend those 25,000 units, spread among three battles available along with 14 different body configurations allow you to have a Land Rover that fits almost any type of use.

Unknown at the moment the prices in Spain have, but there should be wide variations in the current Land Rover Defender.