Honda Civic Limited Edition for 40th Anniversary

Last June you seen the reviews of full evolution of the Honda Civic from birth for 40 years now that is for sale the ninth generation of Japanese compact.

Honda Civic Limited Edition for 40th Anniversary

More than 20 million units figure is available to very few models, and so now Honda launches a limited edition to celebrate the 40 anniversary. In these times these limited editions are usually characterized by more competitive pricing for services or customization, and this is a clear example.

The 300 Honda Civic 40th Anniversary will be on sale with prices from 14,500 euros for the 1.4 Comfort instead of the 18,900 euros that would normally cost and so does the finish Sport passing of 20,500 euros to 15,400 euros with the same equipment. That if, should be eligible for funding for these attractive discounts.

To buy one of these 300 units with a more attractive price, you must use the services of Honda Finance and fund a minimum of 7,000 euros to a minimum of 24 months. The financial cost is more than offset by the discount obtained.

As a complement the program Honda Advantage for changing your current Honda with a new one, more favorable conditions, is now open to customers who do not own a Honda Civic want to make a building that is the anniversary.

It is clear that manufacturers do not stop brainstorming to find ways to encourage sales attractive. Hopefully not soon be left without creativity.