Honda Civic 2013 in new and updated edition

Not need to be a connoisseur in the field of automobile that the 2012 edition of the Honda Civic had missed the target. Indeed, observers, who expected a heavily modified version of the best-selling car in North America were rather face a slightly modified model and not necessarily in a positive way. The car had retained its basic qualities actually handling, drivability and performance, but the figure was virtually unchanged while changes to the dashboard and interior have attracted comments negative.

Honda Civic unveiled in 2011 were directed mainly to the interior and dashboard

Sales of Honda Civic 2013 model were nevertheless in good shape on the Canadian market, but the U.S. market has been significantly shaken with a slowdown in sales, so much so that the direction Honda has decided to revise its copy to bring its popular compact pace of competition.

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What changes in Honda Civic 2013?

This year, there have been changes that have been appreciated last year. This is how the hood was raised, the grille is honeycomb while the bumper is wider, drawing and the new Agreement. In addition, there are at each end before the fog lamps are standard on most models. The whole is successful because they have kept the design philosophy of previous generations and a family resemblance to the new Agreement.

The rear section has also been modified to be better aligned with the front. The lights are new. They are narrower and extend into the trunk lid while the bumper is more rounded at its ends. A chrome strip runs through the edge of the trunk lid to add a touch a little more luxurious model. In addition, the alloy wheels have been redesigned to better integrate into the body.

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The main criticisms of the Honda Civic unveiled in 2011 were directed mainly to the interior and dashboard. And this is where the changes are most significant. The dashboard is no longer performed in ultra hard plastics that were super cheap. This time the materials are better and more flexible, while the layout of the dashboard has been revised. The main controls are directed towards the driver to facilitate its work. The steering wheel is also changed and it’s really more plush than before. In addition, there are touches of chrome everywhere. Finally, the quality of the seat fabric has also been raised a notch.

It should be noted in passing that the sound has also undergone several improvements. It uses more soundproofing materials, the side windows are thicker while the stiffer wheels also help reduce noise.

That does not change nearly
If the aesthetic elements of the car had been controversial, nobody had objected to the mechanics. You thus find the same engines as before either the four-cylinder 1.8-liter 140-horsepower, 2.4-liter models If producing 201 horsepower and, finally, the 1.5-liter hybrid model. Automatic transmissions, manual and CVT experienced no change.

In addition, changes have been made to some suspension components with the use of slightly stiffer dampers, larger anti-roll bars and several front suspension components have been revised. The steering ratio is quicker in 2013. All these changes have the effect of somewhat better handling, but especially the feedback from the suspension and steering. Even if it is not visible, engineers have made several changes to the body to maximize safety in the event of frontal and side impact.

In recent years, many believed that Honda designers had lost their magic touch. But the arrival of a new Accord and Civic seriously modified and reworked this a few months after its launch.