Honda Miimo, the robotic mower ASIMO brother

I guess I remember the Honda robot named ASIMO (pictured), the humanoid robot that carried the news media world for their ability to interact with people and even climbing stairs (something incredibly complicated for a robot with two legs).

Honda Miimo, the robotic mower ASIMO brother

Well, Honda will offer a variant much simpler and accessible ASIMO robot for sale… as mower. It is an automaton to be dedicated to taking care of your home turf, cutting few inches at a time in the past several weeks. The random pattern cutting reduces damage to the grass, providing free and healthy growth of moss and weeds.

Another curiosity of Honda Miimo is that it does not require anyone to control or to collect the grass, since being cut up so small, the cuts can be left on the lawn, rapidly reaching the ground and contributing to fertilization.

As you can imagine, this device f Operates on electricity and emit almost no noise or vibration (by Honda). Throughout the 2013 will be available in two models (300 and 500, representing the length in meters of the perimeter that can cut).

This is the first robot that Honda will market for household… who knows if in a few years will become a major division of the Japanese brand.